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Free English Class to practice the 4 skills for IELTS and TOEFL

📜 Class Regulations

  1. 👤 You must be an active member of LELB Society to attend our Free English Class.
  2. ❌🤐 You cannot be just a listener in this class.
  3. ⏲️ The maximum amount of time you can have in each turn is 90 seconds.
  4. 🔇 Your atmosphere must be completely quiet.
  5. 🎧 You should use headphones or hands-free to prevent the echo of voices in this group class.
  6. ⏺️ Activate “Push to Talk” on Discord as explained below.
  7. ⛔ You’re strictly prohibited from raising any irrelevant topic.
  8. 📝 You must leave at least one question and/or reply about the assigned material for the next session in the interactive comment form at the bottom of the posts.
  9. #️⃣ Put a number before your question(s) to refer to them more easily in the class.
  10. 🔢 The minimum and maximum number of the students for each session to be officially held should respectively be 3 and 15.
  11. 🗒 To know about the topic of the next session, click on the link that reads: “Next Session’s Topic” on top of the website in the header.

Next Session's Topic of Free English Class - LELB Society

⚠️ Note: We work hard to provide you with the best educational opportunities for free. Therefore, any violation of the above-mentioned rules will leave us no choice but to ban you from this class.

Slide Comment Form LELB Society

How to activate Push to Talk on Discord for this group class

First, log in to your Discord account. Then in your Discord application, click on the gear-shaped icon at the bottom-left corner of your screen to customize your settings. After that, select Voice & Video Settings on the left side. Afterwards, under the tab of Input Mode, select “Push to Talk” instead of Voice Activation. Then you need to assign a key on your keyboard (shortcut) to push when you want to talk. Finally, apply the settings and close the window.

Before registering for our Free English Class, you must first join LELB Society.

G+ Login with Google for all services.


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