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Frenetic 1100 Words You Need Week 42 Day 2

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Frenetic 1100 Words You Need Week 42 Day 2

/frəˈnet.ɪk/ (adj)

extremely excited and uncontrolled, frenzied, too fast and energetic, frantic, wild, hectic, feverish, fevered, manic, hyperactive, intense, turbulent, tumultuous, distracted, chaotic, unruly, furious

Bitcoin Futures Hit 3-Month High in Frenetic Tuesday Trading
January 14 was the best trading day of the year for many cryptocurrencies, which saw double or even triple-digit percentage gains. It was also a good day for futures markets, where more than $25 billion in trades was placed on Tuesday. The result constituted the busiest day for futures in almost three months, with the Binance-affiliated FTX seeing much of the action.

Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/

Antonym: calm

Noun: freneticism

Adverb: frenetically

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