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How to Practice Affirmations to Attract More Success

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How to Practice Affirmations

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Repeat your affirmation daily for at least 5 minutes.

Take at least 5 minutes every day to say your affirmation to yourself over and over. If you can, look at yourself directly in the mirror and say your affirmation out loud during this time. It’s going to feel uncomfortable at first, but affirmations only work through repetition. Sometimes you just have to adopt a “fake it ’til you make it” mentality.

Set your desired goal or outcome.

Your affirmation will work best when it targets a specific goal or outcome. Your goal may be ongoing, such as being more confident or getting ahead in your career. It could also have a set deadline, such as finishing a project on time or being ready for a big event.

Use your affirmations as a guide for change.

Affirmations can be a powerful self-help tool, but just saying them is only part of the process. Affirmations need to be coupled with action in order to be truly effective. Use your affirmation as a guide for the change you want to bring about in your life. Then, take actions to pursue that change.

Write out your affirmations in addition to saying them.

In addition to saying your affirmations every day, write them out when you have a moment. This provides different mental feedback than saying your affirmations, which may help to further reinforce your goals and strengths. It’s also a good way to use your affirmation at places like work or school when you need it, but don’t want others to hear it.

Meditate on your affirmations.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply, try to shut out the rest of the world, and think about your affirmations. Slowly and calmly repeat the words, thinking about what each one means to you. Visualize the positive feelings you want to create or the goals you want to achieve each time you say your affirmation.

Post your affirmation in important places.

Use note cards, sticky notes, a cute poster or printout, or any other system you like to write out your affirmation. Leave these notes in places where you will not only see them, but need to be reminded of your affirmation. Try to think of places where you frequently experience stress or self-doubt, and put a copy of your affirmation there.

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  1. I think this article is in relationship with the last text. I agree with affirmation and positive thinking and indoctrination, but I think these days in capitalism system this conception is used to reach some goals in this system to convince the people more and persuade them to accept this system.

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