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Cultivating an Optimistic Outlook for ESL Learners

Cultivating an Optimistic Outlook for ESL Learners with a video and vocabulary practice in real context

Cultivating an optimistic outlook is the belief that good things will happen eventually. It’s a powerful tool for navigating life’s inevitable challenges. It can bolster resilience, foster positive relationships, and fuel motivation towards achieving goals. Video of cultivating an optimistic outlook Watch this video on YouTube. Boosting optimism in life For English as a Second…

Affidavit Meaning in Context from 601 Words

Affidavit meaning in real context as a legal term in English with synonyms and illustrations

Affidavit meaning in authentic context to practice reading comprehension and learn advanced vocabulary simultaneously from 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam. Learn the word, affidavit, with synonyms and illustrations. /ˌæf.əˈdeɪ.vɪt/ (noun) Affidavit meaning the written version of an oath in court of law that a person has already sworn used as…

Best Webinar on Transforming Your Life – 10 Vital Points

Success Journal LELB Society

Listen to this English webinar on transforming your life attended by LELB Society’s members together with the transcript of the recorded video. LELB Society’s students’ contributions in the form of précis / summary writing, questions, comments, and the like. Watch this YouTube playlist to access our recorded webinars. Watch this video on YouTube. English webinar…

Evidence 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 11

evidence LELB Society

Evidence 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 11 with synonyms, antonyms and parts of speech for GRE, TOEFL & IELTS students in real contexts and authentic examples /ˈev.ɪ.dəns/ (noun) documents and facts to prove or disprove something, verification, data, substantiation, testimony, corroboration, affirmation, attestation, confirmation, proof, indication To gain a conviction in countries where the rule…

How to Practice Affirmations to Attract More Success

How to practice affirmations - LELB Society

How to Practice Affirmations Source: https://www.wikihow.com Repeat your affirmation daily for at least 5 minutes. Take at least 5 minutes every day to say your affirmation to yourself over and over. If you can, look at yourself directly in the mirror and say your affirmation out loud during this time. It’s going to feel uncomfortable…