English Presentation on Happiness + Reading

English presentation on happiness to practice speaking given by LELB Society’s students alongside reading passages on the same topic. Join LELB Society and give lectures in English on interesting topics. English presentation on happiness Reading practice on happiness Keep a gratitude journal If someone were to ask you what you’re grateful for in the present … Read more

Gratitude Definition in Context with Images

Gratitude definition in context with images and synonyms from the book, Vocabulary for the College-Bound Student. Learn the word, gratitude, in authentic context and real short passages with antonyms. /ˈgræt.ɪ.tjuːd/ (noun) Gratitude definition the state of being grateful or thankful, thankfulness, appreciation of kindness, acknowledgement, gratefulness, thanks Example The word gratitude is derived from the … Read more

Grateful 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 16

Grateful 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 16 /ˈgreɪt.fəl/ (adj) thankful, appreciative, expressing or showing thanks, obligated, indebted, obliged – satisfying, pleasing, comforting, pleasant What Does It Mean to Be Grateful? Gratitude isn’t just in our head: It takes root in our heart and in our senses, for one beautiful moment…and then the next. Here are … Read more

Bliss by Katherine Mansfield – English with Short Stories

Bliss by Katherine Mansfield Bliss by Katherine Mansfield Although Bertha Young was thirty she still had moments like this when she wanted to run instead of walk, to take dancing steps on and off the pavement, to bowl a hoop, to throw something up in the air and catch it again, or to stand still … Read more

Happiness IELTS Listening Reading Practice

Happiness IELTS Listening Reading Practice Happiness IELTS Listening Reading Practice Lecturer, author or publisher: Tal Ben-Shahar on Big Think Happiness IELTS Reading Practice What can people do each day to be happier? The first thing to do to become happier paradoxically is to accept painful emotions, to accept them as part and parcel of being alive, you … Read more

IELTS Listening Practice | Love Yourself

IELTS Listening Practice | Love Yourself IELTS Listening Practice | Love Yourself About this activity This activity is labeled round table by Dr. Hariri, the creator and administrator of LELB Society. This activity is on the premise of Flipped Learning, according to which the students watch a video before the class, carry out research into the selected theme, and prepare themselves for an informed discussion in the class. This is a weekly … Read more

Dealing with Death | IELTS – TOEFL Speaking Practice

Dealing with Death | IELTS – TOEFL Speaking Practice Dealing with Death | IELTS – TOEFL Speaking Practice Listen to this recorded class Class Rules: Relevant Audio / Video File: Watch or listen to the following video/audio file in conjunction with the topic being discussed and try to answer the questions about it. Questions about … Read more

IELTS Speaking Practice on Gratitude

IELTS Speaking Practice on Gratitude IELTS Speaking Practice on Gratitude (Session 84) Key Words: gratitude, sense of gratitude, gratefulness, thankfulness, appreciation, etc. Use the audio player below to listen to the podcast of this session: Related Audio/Video File: Please listen to/watch this audio/video file (lecture, presentation, dialogue, audio-book, etc.) on our current subject before the … Read more