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IELTS Essay on E-books vs Paper Books with Full Analysis

Last updated on July 25, 2023 by in IELTS Essay Writing Practice Category with 2 Comments on IELTS Essay on E-books vs Paper Books with Full Analysis, 163 Views and Reading Time: 4 minutes
IELTS essay on e-books vs paper books with full essay and in-depth analysis submitted to us by one of our students or members. Join LELB Society’s members and send us your IELTS essays and reports for thorough assessment. Watch this video on IELTS essay on e-books vs paper books Watch this video on YouTube IELTS

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2 comments on “IELTS Essay on E-books vs Paper Books with Full Analysis”

  1. It is a fact that nowadays, E-books are getting more and more popular, and day by day the number of people using them increases. E-books make no space in contrast to paper books and they are way cheaper. However, some people (including me) still believe that paper books will never completely fade away.
    One of the reasons that E-books are getting more attention is the cost. Paper books are expensive compared to e-books especially when you want to buy a hard-cover book edition. Fortunately, there is a solution to that. There is a type of paper that is cheaper than the original ones. Moreover, they are lighter as well. This can be a sense of relief for paper book fans, although they still cannot be as cheap as e-books.
    Another reason that I prefer paper books to e–books, is that e-books exhaust the eyes. Consequently, it can cause damage to people who have the habit of long time-length reading. The light of the screen can also cause headaches and migraine. Computers and tablets have a studying-light mode, however, in the long term, they still can cause physical damage.
    One of the big reasons why I surmise that paper books will never vanish is the paper books’ physicality itself. E-books might take less space. Despite this, nothing can take the place of paper books. The smell of the books, the sense of turning the pages, and the feeling of nostalgia are things that e-books can never replace. Furthermore, in the far future, if e-books are used everywhere, there will be still people who prefer traditional forms.
    Overall, one cannot ignore the advantages of the e-book such as lower cost and space, however, paper books are one of those things that cannot be vanished. E-books will not feel as real and nostalgic as paper books.
    Time spent on writing: 40 minutes

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