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Nostalgia 1100 Words You Need Week 19 Day 4

Nostalgia 1100 Words You Need

Nostalgia 1100 Words You Need

/nɒˈstaldʒə/ (Noun)

yearning for the past, sentimental recollection of the past events, longing for the past, homesickness, reminiscence, wistfulness, melancholy

SOUTHAMPTON, England — Not long after moving to the University of Southampton, Constantine Sedikides had lunch with a colleague in the psychology department and described some unusual symptoms he’d been feeling. A few times a week, he was suddenly hit with nostalgia for his previous home at the University of North Carolina: memories of old friends, Tar Heel basketball games, fried okra, the sweet smells of autumn in Chapel Hill.

His colleague, a clinical psychologist, made an immediate diagnosis. He must be depressed. Why else live in the past? Nostalgia had been considered a disorder ever since the term was coined by a 17th-century Swiss physician who attributed soldiers’ mental and physical maladies to their longing to return home — nostos in Greek, and the accompanying pain, algos.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/

Antonym: futurism

Adjective: nostalgic

Adverb: nostalgically

Farsi: غرق در گذشته، نوستالژی


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