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IELTS Essay on Tourism + Full Essay Model

Last updated on June 24, 2022 by in IELTS Essay Writing Practice Category with 5 Comments on IELTS Essay on Tourism + Full Essay Model, 53 Views and Reading Time: 5 minutes
IELTS essay on tourism with full essay model submitted to us by our registered members with essay question and deep analysis. Register at LELB Society and submit your IELTS essays for thorough analysis and scoring. IELTS essay question on tourism Some people believe that tourists should respect and adapt to the new culture and customs

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5 comments on “IELTS Essay on Tourism + Full Essay Model”

  1. Traveling is an essential need for us human beings, which help us to fresh our souls and open our minds. Many people like to visit foreign countries as tourists and mostly the countries that have cultural difference and attitude of living from their own homeland.
    There are countless countries that have totally different point of view and some of their traditions might be even very strange and meaningless to us. That is why we should search about the country we want to visit before entering that specific country. They might even have rules which sound crazy to us and we would not like to obey them.
    To answer the question I must say that I am totally agreed that if we want to enter a foreign country and visit there, we should respect their traditions and rules and specially their local people’s beliefs and custom. It is obvious that not all the people around the world should have same beliefs and ideas as we have. We may do not agree with them and even have theoretical explanations that they are wrong, and we do not need to argue or agree with them but to respect them; we should respects other people’s interests and traditions; we might even learn from them and they might help us to open our eyes and minds to a completely different point of view and free us from a conditional mind.
    That is why I find it so important to respect and adopt the beliefs and rules of the people we are visiting their country. To observe without prejudice.

  2. Please write only one essay no longer than 300 words.
    To write on the topic, I strongly recommend you write an outline before starting to write the actual essay.

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