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IELTS Listening Practice | Love Yourself


IELTS Listening Practice | Love Yourself

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53 thoughts on “IELTS Listening Practice | Love Yourself”

  1. I think not only having optimistic and positive thought, but also having healthy and well nutrition is very significant factor for being grateful and happy in our life. Everything we think can effect on our brain afterwards on our life and similarly everything we eat can effect on our body afterwards on our life. For doing these only remedy is loving yourself

    • yes you are right karim. having a good diet can help people to have a healthy body and mind. For example if you eat saffron it makes you happy, because saffron contains Safranal and Crocetin . these chemical things can increase the amount of serotonin in your brain and serotonin is the cause of happiness. and if you take lots of saffron it makes you laugh and it is an unstoppable laugh that can kill you.and if you take Peganum harmala or esfand it can makes you sad and it force you to cry until you die.

    • Thanks for your relevant post.
      Some nutritionists believe that we are what we eat. That is, your personality is subject to some change depending on what you eat. Furthermore, according to recent psychological studies, a sense of gratitude is a sine quo non for lasting happiness.

  2. [Elapsed Time: 3:00] ➡ Have you ever practiced that technique offered by the lecturer? I mean looking into the mirror and enunciating, “I love you.” If not yet, why?

    • this technique is so powerful .if you practice it you can see the result after some weeks. Even if you don’t look at the mirror it can affect you. I practiced it in the past because I wanted to examine that. and it works.

      • Please start your sentences with a capital letter. It is so noticeable.
        I also used to talk to myself and record the conversations and make some promises to myself, and later on, play the recorded conversations.

  3. ⛔ This is a fully organized activity. We cannot talk about everything within 15 minutes. So, please watch the video carefully, and create your questions on the basis of the video.

  4. It is needless to say “having respect for animals makes us better humans”. Frankly, the first point that called my attention in this video was the presence of a doggy in the interview. It divulges to us that these people respect animals tangibly and we need to learn these sorts of traits.
    Moreover, the performance of the interviewer and the interviewee was great. Loving yourself is a feature of a hopeful person who enjoys his/her life definitely and has a sense of satisfaction. In fact, your money, your belongings and so on never can guarantee this feature in your life and I suppose you can enjoy yourself when your life goes well as per your expectations. We need to chase our dreams and strive seriously in order to reach our apex.

    • some people think that it is a little egoistic to say I love you to yourself.
      and something that is very important is that you must fell and believe what you say although if you just repeat it can affect you but not powerful than when you fell and believe it.

      • Right. Egotism is just one of the reasons. Apart from that, I believe the large proportion of people fail to practice this technique because they literally hate themselves, and they have some internal conflicts.

  5. she said that I teach people love themselves and release the gilt. Yes it is very important to release the Chinese medicine they believe that if you don’t release gilt you will get cancer. And until you don’t forgive yourself none of the medicine can cure you.

    • ✅ Guilt
      Please start your sentences with a capital letter.
      Great information!
      Which one is more difficult, forgiving others or forgiving yourself?

    • This question is grammatically incorrect. Thus, it’s quite ambiguous.
      I wonder if you meant:

      On what subjects has she written books?

    • Corrections:
      1. There must be a space between your question number and the first letter of your question.
      2. How can we reach / reach for / obtain / achieve perfect health?


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