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IELTS Speaking Test Sample 5:

  • IELTS Speaking Test Sample 5
  • IELTS Candidate: Taraneh 
  • Listen to this IELTS Interview


Part 1: Time: 4 to 5 Minutes 

Get ready to answer some personal questions about yourself:

  1. How do you see your future?
  2. Do you think what you are doing right now is in line with your future?
  3. How do you prove it?
  4. Do you plan to teach piano as a university professor?
  5. Is teaching piano more important than playing it?
  6. Do you want to come back to your own country after becoming a professional in playing the piano?
  7. Which one do you prefer more, teaching piano or playing the piano?
  8. How much time do you spend performing and practicing piano each day?
  9. Do you play any other musical instrument except piano?


Part 2: You have 1 minute for brainstorming and 2 minutes for answering the following questions:

Focus on this task card or topic card:

Describe an area of your country you know and like

Where is it?
What are its special features?
What do you and other people do in this area?
Explain why you like it.

What do you think of the historic place in the future?
Will the government increase or decrease the safety guard?
What are the changes to the local people and economy?
What is the impact on the historic place by tourists?

Part 3: Answer some follow-up questions generally about the task card asked by the examiner:

  1. Do you think that this village is going to stay the same in future?
  2. Why do you think it’s not going to change? What has made it an exception?
  3. Is it rural or urban?
  4. Is it like a town or a country?
  5. Do you think the government should do something to protect this area?
  6. Are there any historical monuments there?
  7. Do you prefer to live in a large city or a small city, and why?
  8. Do you prefer country life or city life?
  9. Do you like to teach piano online?
  10. have you ever experienced teaching English online?

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