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IELTS – TOEFL Preparation Course | Session 11 Topic With an increase in the number of privately owned vehicles, roads are becoming more congested. What measures could both governments and individuals take to deal with this situation? One solution would be to impose a large amount of tax on privately owned cards. This would discourage

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  1. One solution would be to impose a large amount of tax on privately owned cards. This would discourage people to use their own vehicle to commute to work and utilize other means of public transport. This can definitely reduce the traffic in urban city areas. However, this only deals with a part of the population. Rich could easily afford to pay the higher tax; while, on the other hand, only poor would be affected by this law.
    Another way government could tackle this problem is to encourage people to use public transportation. The legal authorities could introduce more comfortable and convenient trains, buses and metros to attract more people. As a result, more and more citizens would use public transport services and thus the level of traffic and pollution would definitely reduce.

  2. In fact, privately owned vehicles are more comfortable, faster, more private in trip timing, and more flexible for doing multiple tasks on one trip than almost any form of public transit. Therefore, the way to solve this problem is by encouraging people to use public transportation via developing them to be faster, cheaper and more convenient for citizens. For example, governments should expand public transit capacity enough to shift so many people from cars to transit. Also, governments can charge people money to enter on major commuting roads during peak hours; hence people encourage using less private cars for their high costs.

    • Line 1: Private vehicles are more private? This is redundant information.
      Line 1: During trip time (better than timing)
      Line 3: developing it (it refers to public transportation)
      Line 5: To draw that attention of people from private cars to public transit
      Line 6: Governments can impose heavy fines on the people who enter major commuting roads during peak hours
      Last Line: People are encouraged to use public transportation system more frequently in comparison to their private cars.

  3. Nowadays, the excess amount of private vehicles on the streets has become a problem because they bring about heavy traffic along with the crowded city. So, some actions could be taken for overcoming this problem not only with the help of government but also by individuals. In this essay, the aforementioned steps are going to be clarified.

    • Line 1: excessive amount
      Line 2: crowded cities
      Line 3: with the help of not only government but also individuals (economy of words)
      Last line: You have not mentioned any specific step. So you cannot say: the aforementioned steps

  4. Questions of the next lecture:
    1- How can you be a better person?
    2- To what extent do you try to become a better person?
    3- Do you think is it possible to become a better person quickly?

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