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English Question about Work and Happiness

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      1. Since so many people put so much emphasis on a happy private life, why do people often wind up putting more energy into their professional lives?
      2. If you feel your private life is more important than your professional life, do your priorities really support this?
      3. Are you unwilling to admit that work is more important?
      4. Do you hope professional success will somehow magically result in personal happiness?
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      Armaghan Houshmand

      1. I suppose they get so much involved with making a living for their children, so that they can have the best lives.
      2. Private life to me is the quality of the relationship between me and my family and my own mental health. And yes; I do really care about my private life, and I really try to keep my private life steady and healthy.
      3. I guess they both are important that there should be a balance.
      4. I think professional success is only one of the main factors of reaching happiness but not whole of it. And if we get to much involved with work, there would be no free time to spend with our family and ourselves.

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        1. they get much / far so involved with
        so much + Noun
        much so + adj / adv
        2. They both are so important that there should be a balance between them
        You have used ‘that’ and for this reason, it’s better to use ‘so’ in order to draw a conclusion.
        3. not the whole of it
        4. if we get too involved with (TOO)
        to vs. too

        Thank you for voicing your opinions. We will have a discussion on the points you’ve made here.

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