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Lugubrious 1100 Words You Need Week 20 Day 4

Lugubrious 1100 Words You Need

/luːˈguː.bri.əs/ (adj)

sad and depressed, morose, gloomy, mournful, melancholic, somber, doleful, miserable, cheerless, wretched, dismal, downbeat, depressing

No such consideration can excuse my difficulty with “lugubrious.” I do recall when I first saw that one. A classmate in high school wrote in my yearbook “The vicissitudes of life are very lugubrious.” Yes, he was a showoff. Now, “vicissitude” doesn’t give me a problem, and I can even spell it without reference to Merriam-Webster. But “lugubrious” will not lodge in my brain. It means – I’m looking at page 692 of my Collegiate as I write – mournful or dismal, especially to an exaggerated degree. So the showoff was writing more or less nonsense to boot. I’d expected as much.


Antonym: cheerful

Noun: lugubriousness

Adverb: lugubriously

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