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Sober Definition in Context with Images Visual Dictionary

Sober definition in context with images in visual dictionary from the book, Vocabulary for the College-Bound Student. Learn the word, sober, in real context with synonyms and antonyms and improve your reading comprehension as well.

/ˈsəʊ.bəʳ/ (adj & verb)

Sober definition

  1. calm and serious, grave, somber, austere
  2. not drunk or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, not intoxicated, abstemious, moderate, restrained

Verb: to become calmer and more serious

Sober in context

A sober driver is a person who agrees to abstain from alcohol so that he or she can safely drive a car. The term is most often used in the context where people want to ensure that they can get home safely. Using a sober driver is an excellent idea, not only because it ensures that the driver obeys the law, but also because it is a commonsense safety measure.

Source of context: https://www.delightedcooking.com/


drunk, frivolous, flippant

Parts of speech

Noun: sobriety

Noun: soberness

Adjective: sobering

Adverb: soberly

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