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Moribund 1100 Words You Need Week 28 Day 4

Moribund 1100 Words You Need

Moribund 1100 Words You Need Week 28 Day 4 with authentic materials, flashcards, synonyms and antonyms for GRE, TOEFL & IELTS

/ˈmɒr.ɪ.bʌnd/ (adj)

unsuccessful and inactive, stagnant, dying, perishing, dormant, in the process of becoming obsolete, obsolescent, declining, on the way out, dilapidated, nearly dead, expiring, on one’s last legs, on one’s deathbed

The Bureau for Public Enterprise has disclosed that many companies privatised by the agency are still not performing till date. The Director of the agency Alex Okoh revealed this while receiving some lawmakers who were on oversight to the agency.

Rolling out the figures, Okoh said the agency has privatised 142 enterprises since inception in 2004 with 37 percent of them (52) are still moribund.

Source: https://nairametrics.com/

Antonyms: alive and kicking, well, thriving

Noun: moribundity

Farsi: درحال نزع ، در سکرات موت ، روبه مرگ

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