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Quiescent GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

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Quiescent GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/kwiˈes.ənt/ (adj)


dormant and inactive temporarily, inert, latent, at rest, passive, stagnant, inoperative, sluggish, motionless, idle, quiet, deactivated, immobile


There’s a lot of conflicting information about whether or not turtles hibernate or go quiescent, and just like the argument about squirrels, it all comes down to the type of turtle.

Turtles that live warmer, sunnier climates do not hibernate. Although, if it gets too hot they will estivate, or enter a torpor-like state, and bury themselves to stay out of the unforgiving heat until some cooler weather or rainfall returns.

The turtles that do hibernate mostly do so under ground. To keep from freezing to death, terrestrial turtles will bury themselves in the dirt and freshwater turtles will lodge themselves under the mud in the winter months, according to the Nature Conservancy.

Source: https://mashable.com/


active, vigorous, energetic

Parts of speech

Adverb: quiescently

Noun: quiescence

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