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Ossify GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

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Ossify GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/ˈɒs.ɪ.faɪ/ (verb)


(of habits or ideas) to harden, stagnate, fossilize, become rigid, become inflexible – (of body tissues) to harden and change into bone, turn into bone, harden into bone, become bony, solidify, petrify, rigidify


Ossification in bone remodeling is the process of laying down new bone material by cells named osteoblasts. It is synonymous with bone tissue formation. There are two processes resulting in the formation of normal, healthy bone tissue: Intramembranous ossification is the direct laying down of bone into the primitive connective tissue, while endochondral ossification involves cartilage as a precursor.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/


soften, melt, liquefy, melt down

Parts of speech

Noun: ossification

Adjective: ossified

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