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Psychic 601 Words You Need to Know

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Psychic 601 Words You Need to Know

/ˈsaɪ.kɪk/ (adj & noun)


Adjective: of human mind, related to a mental problem or illness, cerebral, mental, psychological, psychical – possessing special and supernatural mental abilities to foresee and predict the future, supersensible, supersensory, extrasensory, mysterious, unexplained, intuitive, clairvoyant, telepathic

Noun: a person with psychic abilities to predict the future events, clairvoyant, spiritualist, soothsayer, diviner, medium


A major option for many mental disorders is psychotherapy. There are several main types. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is widely used and is based on modifying the patterns of thought and behavior associated with a particular disorder. Other psychotherapies include dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT) and interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT). Psychoanalysis, addressing underlying psychic conflicts and defenses, has been a dominant school of psychotherapy and is still in use.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/



Parts of speech

Adjective: psychical

Adverb: psychically

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