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Senile 1100 Words You Need Week 25 Day 4

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Senile 1100 Words You Need

Senile 1100 Words You Need

/ˈsiː.naɪl/ (adj)

showing a lack of mental ability due to old age, mentally less acute in later life, confused, disorientated, absent-minded

During his interview last weekend with Fox News’s Chris Wallace, President Trump repeatedly questioned former vice president Joe Biden’s mental fitness for office. “Biden can’t put two sentences together,” Trump said. “They wheel him out. . . . He reads a teleprompter and then he goes back into his basement.” Asked whether he thought Biden was senile, Trump replied “I don’t want to say that” but then challenged Biden to take a senility test. “Let him take the same test that I took,” he said. “I’ll guarantee you that Joe Biden could not answer those questions.” Trump added that Biden could not endure the grilling Wallace was giving him: “Let Biden sit through an interview like this, he’ll be on the ground crying for mommy. He’ll say mommy, mommy, please take me home. . . . He can’t do an interview. He’s incompetent.”

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/

Antonym: sharp, acute, perspicacious, intelligence, ingenious

Noun: senility

Adverb: senilely

Farsi: مربوط به پيرى ، سالخورده ، پير مرد، وابسته به پيرى ، خرف

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