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Session 7:

Session NO.: #7
 Session Name: (I’m jealous of myself!)
o Suggested Key Words: , envy, covetousness, enviousness, etc.
o Developed by: “Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl”

1. Describe some special facial expressions on a jealous person’s face.
2. Why is envy characterized according to one of the 7 deadly sins in Christianity?
3. What are the primary causes of jealousy?
Conversation Handout
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4. How can you get rid of jealousy?
5. Is there anything positive or advantageous about being jealous?
 Related Idioms:
1. Green-eyed monster: jealousy
2. To eat one’s heart out: to suffer from a pang of jealousy
3. Sour grapes: used to show that sb is pretending that he dislikes sth because actually he cannot have it, although he desperately desires it.

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