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      Experiencing a pang of jealousy

      If you had this ability and chance to wake up tomorrow in the body of another person, would you take this chance? whose body or person would you select? Why?

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      I would probably wanted to wake up as an English or American man. Life ( in that case) would be much easier.

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      soroo sha

      I would like too wake up as a rich YouTuber.

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      Farhang Hooshmand

      I consider two different situation. First I may choose a well known respectable person to know how well he /she thinks and how deep feeling has from the world. Another choice Is a cruel dictator to know whether can I change his mind and behavior that I hope so.

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        * two different situations
        * well-known
        * what deep feelings they have from the world
        * whether I can change his mind and behavior, which I hope so.

        Please ask me if you have any question about my corrections.

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