Conversation 42: Stress

– IELTS Speaking Practice

Stress – IELTS Speaking Practice

Round Table:

  1. How can you reduce your anxiety?
  2. if you do not control your tensions and worries?
  3. Is anxiety/worry always negative and destructive?
  4. Look at the picture on top of this page. Mention the signs of apprehension reflected in the lady.
  5. Discuss some ineffective ways that might overcome your anxiety just for a short period of time.
  6. What might happen if you do not do anything about your anxiety, worries, anger, etc.?
  7. Do you know how meditation can help you to control your mind and thoughts?
  8. What specific hormones are secreted into your blood vessels when you are tensed for a long time?
  9. It is believed that the function of worry and anxiety in you is like the function of pain in your body in the sense that it forces you to find a remedy for the source of troubles. Do you agree or disagree with this phrase. Please discuss it in more depth.
  10. Do you know which parts of your brain become more active when you are anxious?

Relevant Idioms, Expressions and Quotations:




Read with Your Ears:

  • Listen to this audio file that is played to you carefully and try to answer the questions listed below. Notice that taking notes can help you so much to remember facts and details.
  • Lecturer:
  • File Name: Destroy Your Anxiety

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