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Stygian 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam

Stygian 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam in short authentic passages to expand your vocabulary in context with text-to-speech functionality to improve your listening comprehension as well.

/ˈstɪdʒ.i.ən/ (adj)


totally and unpleasantly dark, gloomy, pitch-black, forbidding

relating to Styx, a river in Greek mythology


Feeling down, stygian gloom and depression can arise from various causes. Factors such as the loss of a loved one, unpleasant experiences from the past and financial worries can contribute to a negative spiral. Sometimes there is a genetic susceptibility. A professional approach to your problem can help you to make yourself feel better again.

In some cases a depression may be difficult to distinguish from a burnout, as some of the symptoms and consequences are similar. When you are mentally and physically completely exhausted and, for example, distance yourself from work and your social environment, you might more likely be suffering from the consequences of a burnout.

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Parts of speech

Noun: Styx

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