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God Sees the Truth but Waits by Leo Tolstoy Short Story

God sees the truth but waits a great short story to practice reading and vocabulary in English at LELB Society with flashcards

God Sees the Truth but Waits God Sees the Truth but Waits In the town of Vladimir lived a young merchant named Ivan Dmitrich Aksionov. He had two shops and a house of his own. Watch this video on YouTube. Aksionov was a handsome, fair-haired, curly-headed fellow, full of fun, and very fond of singing.…

English Presentation Sixth Sense and Perception

English Presentations LELB Society

English Presentation Sixth Sense English Presentation Sixth Sense Watch this video on YouTube. LELB Lecturer: Mojgan Handout Provided by the Lecturer Mention the 5 senses in humans that are scientifically recognized. Name some senses among animals which humans lack. What is the technical term for one of our special senses through which we are aware of…