Autarchy Definition in Context with Images Visual Dictionary

Autarchy definition in context with images and real examples in LELB Society’s visual dictionary from the book, Vocabulary for the College-Bound Student. Learn the word, autarchy, in authentic context with parts of speech and improve your reading comprehension as well. /ˈɔ:tɑ:kɪ/ (noun) Autarchy definition another spelling of autarky, absolute and unlimited political power wielded or … Read more

Totalitarian Meaning in Context – 601 Words

Totalitarian meaning in real context about politics and military terms in English from the book, 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam. Learn the word, totalitarian with synonyms and parts of speech. /təʊˌtæl.ɪˈteə.ri.ən/ (adj & noun) Totalitarian meaning (of a political party or government) being so authoritative and dictatorial that it does … Read more

Who Is an Imperious Person with Images & Examples

Let’s learn who is an imperious person in our visual dictionary with synonyms and antonyms and in real authentic context with images /ɪmˈpɪə.ri.əs/ (adj) Definition overbearing and giving too many orders to others, expecting obedience from others, pushy, bossy, peremptory, imperative, dictatorial, commanding, haughty, authoritarian, authoritative, domineering, high-handed, masterful, arrogant Example An overbearing and imperious … Read more

Authoritarian 601 Words You Need to Know

Authoritarian 601 Words You Need to Know /ˌɔː.θɒr.ɪˈteə.ri.ən/ (adj & noun) Definition demanding absolute obedience and not allowing any legitimate freedom, favoring strict and unfair rules and established authority, totalitarian, despotic, dogmatic, autocratic, tyrannical, dictatorial, doctrinaire, authoritative, illiberal, oppressive, draconian – a person or ruler who is authoritarian Example Hitler was a pan-Germanic nationalist whose … Read more

Doctrinaire GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Doctrinaire GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /ˌdɒk.trɪˈneəʳ/ (adj) Definition rigid and inflexible, sticking to one single theory or idea, dogmatic, stern, intolerant, strict, authoritarian, unbending, dictatorial, uncompromising, dyed-in-the-wool, narrow-minded, peremptory Example Teaching means instructing a student so that (s)he can learn. Responsibility of a teacher is to correlate the relevant information that (s)he wants to teach, with … Read more

Peremptory 1100 Words You Need Week 30 Day 3

Peremptory 1100 Words You Need Peremptory 1100 Words You Need Week 30 Day 3 with authentic materials, synonyms, antonyms, illustrated flashcards and text-to-speech for GRE, TOEFL & IELTS /pəˈremp.tər.i/ (adj) unquestionable and absolute, compulsory, inviolable, something that should be obeyed, dictatorial, expressing urgency, authoritative, unconditional, despotic, dogmatic, commanding, decisive, direct This is a suit brought … Read more