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Speleology – English Terms about Science in Real Context with Images

Definition of Speleology with images and in real context

Definition of Speleology in real context and authentic examples about science for GRE candidates and advanced learners of English from 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam with illustrations /ˌspēlēˈäləjē/ (noun) Definition the scientific study of caves and cave systems and exploring them Example speleology is scientific discipline that is concerned with…

Covert 1100 Words You Need Week 22 Day 1

Covert 1100 words you need to know week 22 day 1 at LELB Society with flashcards for GRE, IELTS & TOEFL

Covert 1100 Words You Need Covert 1100 Words You Need /ˈkəʊ.vɜːt/ (adj & noun) Adjective: secret, surreptitious, underground, clandestine, stealthy, hidden, concealed, furtive, veiled, undercover, hush-hush Noun: undergrowth providing cover, shelter or hiding place Born out of the ashes of World War II, the covert action arm of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was created…

Clandestine 1100 Words You Need Week 5 Day 1

clandestine LELB Society

Clandestine 1100 Words You Need Clandestine 1100 Words You Need /klænˈdes.tɪn/ (adj) planned or done in secret, especially describing something that is not officially allowed, furtive, surreptitious, hidden, stealthy, covert, secret, underground, concealed, undercover, illegal: The group held weekly clandestine meetings in a church. He has been having a clandestine affair with his secretary for…

Minority – English Flashcard for Minority for IELTS

Minority English Flashcard LELB Society

Minority Minority (adj & noun) /maɪˈnɒr.ɪ.ti/ US /-ˈnɑːr.ə.ţi/ any smaller part, portion or section within a larger group, section, sector, faction, component, subgroup, element Adjective: sectional, marginal, underground, smaller, lesser Only a minority of the entire students could pass the difficult math test. Antonym: majority