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Terse 1100 Words You Need Week 26 Day 4

Terse 1100 Words You Need

Terse 1100 Words You Need Week 26 Day 4

/tɜːs/ US /tɝːs/ (adj)

brief and short in describing, succinct, concise, to the point, straightforward, brief and unfriendly, abrupt, curt, brusque, short and sweet

Today’s “terse” is another word for “concise:” that is, anything terse is expressed in a very brief way.

Because you can define “terse” as “using few words,” you might wonder if you can apply this word to people who use few words. Can you say, for instance, “my friend is so terse?”

Well, yes. But it’s not very common. “Terse” usually describes things said or written, not people who say or write few words.

For those folks, though, we’ve got some great alternate words: taciturn, for people who are reluctant to add to the conversation, and laconic, for people who use so few words that they seem either rude or mysterious.

Source: http://www.hilotutor.com/

Antonyms: expansive, detailed, wordy, beat around the bush

Noun: terseness

Adverb: tersely

Farsi: موجز، بى شاخ وبرگ ، مختصر ومفيد، مختصر

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