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Pithy GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Pithy GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/ˈpɪθ.i/ (adj)


(of speech or writing) short and expressive, terse, laconic, witty, to the point, epigrammatic, succinct, curt, brief, acute, concise, compact, condensed


When trying to share our opinions, many of us have trouble speaking pithily and getting to the point. This is compounded by the fact that some of us tend to be good listeners, but when it comes to bringing forward an idea, we feel awkward. Sometimes it’s because we’re worried about being criticized, in which case we tend to spew out a lot of supporting material to show we’ve done our homework. Other times we’re so nervous we rush and wind up blurting out our argument before we’ve completely thought through the concept. Or we’re just so eager to make our point that we simply don’t know when to stop talking. Either way, our audience ends up thinking, “Where is this going?” or “When will he/she finish?” We sound scattered, disorganized, even flaky — not the way we want to come across.



long-winded, verbose, prolix

Parts of speech

Adverb: pithily

Noun: pithiness

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