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Vacillate 1100 Words You Need Week 39 Day 1

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Vacillate 1100 Words You Need Week 39 Day 1

Vacillate 1100 Words You Need Week 39 Day 1

/ˈvæs.ɪ.leɪt/ (verb)

to be hesitant and change your mind frequently, swing back and forth, blow hot and cold, falter, balk at, waver among different opinions, dither, be indecisive, be undecided, think twice, sit on the fence

Emotion theorists have long debated whether valence, which ranges from pleasant to unpleasant states, is an irreducible aspect of the experience of emotion or whether positivity and negativity are separable in experience. If valence is irreducible, it follows that people cannot feel happy and sad at the same time. Conversely, if positivity and negativity are separable, people may be able to experience such mixed emotions. The authors tested several alternative interpretations for prior evidence that happiness and sadness can co-occur in bittersweet situations (i.e., those containing both pleasant and unpleasant aspects). One possibility is that subjects who reported mixed emotions merely vacillated between happiness and sadness.

Source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/

Antonym: decide

Noun: vacillation, vacillator

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