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Virile 1100 Words You Need Week 25 Day 4

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Virile 1100 Words You Need

Virile 1100 Words You Need

/ˈvɪr.aɪl/ US /-əl/ (adj)

(of a man) strong, sexual and attractive, manly, masculine, relating to an adult male, sexually potent, mannish, male

An original olfactory score, dedicated to opera music and created by Master Perfumier Maurizio Cerizza, a touching, intimate and well-balanced composition. Like a deep and virile voice, it reaches straight for the heart. The voluptuous notes of Davana, Coriander and Ambrette generate olfactory virtuosities which linger from the head to the base. Ginger, Lemon and Bergamot create a citrus sillage which instils vigour. Patchouli, Juniper Berries and Precious Woods generate sensuality, creating an unforgettable fragrance.

Source: https://thoo.it/

Antonym: feminine

Noun: virility

Farsi: مردانه ، داراى نيروى مردى ، داراى رجوليت

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