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Falsetto 601 Words You Need to Know

Falsetto 601 Words You Need to Know

/fɔːlˈset.əʊ/ (adj, adv & noun)

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a high-pitched male singing voice, a method of producing or articulating voice used by male singers to make or pretend voice higher than their normal vocal range, soprano, sharp, piercing, shrill – falsetto voice, falsetto singer


Falsetto is an extension of our normal voices that we use every day — beyond the voices we use in all those Zoom meetings of late. The word falsetto refers to a “false” voice, so called because the voice uses only part of the vocal apparatus in our throats, rather than the full vibratory sound used in regular singing and speaking.

The normal vocal sounds we make are created by the vibrations of our vocal folds (or vocal cords). These tiny folds are controlled by an intricate system of muscles and cartilage in the throat.




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