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Wink At 1100 Words You Need Week 18 Day 4

Wink At 1100 Words

Wink At 1100 Words

to pretend not to notice something illegal and bad to indicate that you indirectly approve of it, ignore, to pretend not to notice a wrongdoing or offense, miss, forget, overlook, disregard, condone, let pass, excuse, forgive, turn a blind eye to

As, in the employment of children, under the conditions existing today in Massachusetts, on one band, we are met by the persistent purpose of a certain class of parents, who, from necessity or otherwise, intend to avail themselves of the earnings of their children, and consequently often make false statements as to age, and in other ways seek to battle proper inquiries. And on the other hand, we are confronted by an uninformed and unreasonable clamor which is founded upon the notion that the District Police wink at violations of the law relating to child workers.

Source: The book, Report of the Chief of the Massachusetts District Police

Antonym: punish, notice

Farsi: نادیده گرفتن

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