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Bureaucracy Definition in Context – 601 Words

Bureaucracy definition in context with images and synonyms from the book, 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam. Learn about different types of government in authentic and real context with illustrations.

/bjʊəˈrɒk.rə.si/ (noun)

Bureaucracy definition

  1. a system of managing, governing or organizing a country, company or group in which many officials are employed to enforce and follow the laws and principles strictly, administrative system, administration, civil service
  2. red tape, official procedures, regulations, rules, paperwork, formalities, officialdom, protocol


The term bureaucracy refers to a complex organization that has multilayered systems and processes. The systems and processes that are put in place effectively make decision-making slow. They are designed to maintain uniformity and control within the organization.

A bureaucracy describes the methods that are commonly established in governments and large organizations, such as corporations. A bureaucracy is pivotal in the administration of the entity’s rules and regulations.

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Parts of speech

Adjective: bureaucratic

Adverb: bureaucratically

Noun: bureaucrat

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