Conversation 46: Decision Making


  1. Which one is better: being or when it come to decision making? Why? (Hossein Hariri)
  2. Can you name the steps of decision making process? (Taraneh)
  3. What are Simple Steps to Improve Your Decision Making? (Bashir)
  4. I’ve heard from a famous psychologist that although considering knowledge, information and are important in decision making, in almost all situations, fast decisions will lead to better results. What do You think about that? (Mehri)

Relevant Idioms, Expressions and Quotations:

: To take decisive action in a difficult situation

: an important time when an important decision has to be made

Have a voice/say in something: to have a part in making a decision

Sleep on it: to postpone a decision to a later time when you can give more thought to it

: An unchangeable decision has been made

Listening Practice:

  • Listen to this audio file that is played to you carefully and try to answer the questions listed below. Notice that taking notes can help you so much to remember facts and details.
  • Lecturer:
  • File Name: The Power of Decision
  • Questions:
    • Why do decisions have power?
    • Why is decision making so in your life?
    • What is ?
    • What is the great power that the Creator has give us?
    • How can you make changes to your life?
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