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Cogent 1100 Words You Need Week 26 Day 4

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Cogent 1100 Words You Need

Cogent 1100 Words You Need Week 26 Day 4

/ˈkəʊ.dʒənt/ (adj)

convincing, clearly expressed and persuasive, influential, forceful, rationally persuasive, lucid, logical, coherent, sound

Validity and strength of arguments do not on their own tell us whether arguments are good or bad. We’ve actually seen rubbish arguments that were valid. That’s why we need to introduce two further concepts for arguments: being sound and being cogent.

A cogent argument is a strong non-deductive argument that has true premises.
And again, we say that cogent arguments are good. A cogent argument is by definition non-deductive, which means that the premises are intended to establish probable (but not conclusive) support for the conclusion.

Furthermore, a cogent argument is strong, so the premises, if they were true, would succeed in providing probable support for the conclusion. And finally, the premises are actually true. So the conclusion indeed receives probable support.

Source: https://www.futurelearn.com/

Antonym: unconvincing

Noun: cogency

Adverb: cogently

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