Conversation Class 35: Global Village

– IELTS Speaking Practice

Global VillageIELTS Speaking Practice

Round Table:

  1. What are the consequences of ? (Taraneh)
  2. Do you think we live in a globalized world? what is your reasons? I mean how people make money from this believe? (Taraneh)
    • Reply from Hossein Hariri: what => What – What ‘are’ your reasons or what is your reason
  3. What will happen for traditional cultures in a world that becomes global village? (Sima)
    • Reply from Hossein Hariri: What will happen to.. – a world that becomes a global village
    • Reply from Sam: 3. What …
  4. What is the meaning of the world is globalized in your point of view? (Sam)
    • Reply from Hossein Hariri: What’s the meaning of this sentence/phrase: “…..”? or What’s the meaning of “…..”?
  5. Do you think many languages will be merged into some few ones due to the mixture of cultures and languages in the globalized world? (Hossein Hariri)

Relevant Idioms, Expressions and Quotations:

Read with Your Ears:

  • Listen to this audio file that is played to you carefully and try to answer the questions listed below. Notice that taking notes can help you so much to remember facts and details.
  • Lecturer:
  • Questions:

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