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English Essay 42: Money

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English essay on money and materialism written by LELB Society students to practice writing for IELTS

Essay topic on money and materialism

Some people believe that money is the key to happiness. Some others maintain that money by itself does not lead to happiness. In your essay, explain about your notion on the role of materialism when it comes to happiness.

Essayist: Sam, LELB Society’s Student

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Nowadays, materialistic aspects play a crucial role in yielding happiness in individuals’ lives the world over. Regarding the concept of happiness, which is much relative from person to person, the majority of people argue that money can bring about enormous happiness, however, this is refuted by a few others. Both sides will be critiqued prior to reaching an informed conclusion.

The Salty Sea - Rich man

Today, many hold the theory that money is the only approach to reaching an ultimate level of happiness. According to the Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs, money by itself can diminish some part of our problems that nearly all of which are at the bottom of the pyramid, however, the other needs, namely psychological ones like happiness not only remain unsolved but also go through a rising trend, which is extremely unsatisfactory, because the sense of happiness exists internally. Although money often removes all financial problems and grants people happy life temporarily, it fails to generate a genuine happiness for a long period of time. Thus, money just promotes the materialistic level of life, and cannot bring a sense of happiness as the key.

English presentation on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Principle

Others, nevertheless, around the world have ascertained that with the help of money as a symbol of materialism fails to buy happiness as a symbol of spiritual needs. The rich might feel a sense of happiness but this feeling does not get a direct outcome of money. Needless to say, happiness is not the outcome of hard work or one’s high social caste instead, it is a precursor for achieving success, being rich and having an appropriate social status. If one has a good level of happiness, with plan and perseverance, therefore, they will be successful in all aspects of life satisfactorily.

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To conclude, it is hard to see how anyone could support the notion that money brings you happiness. Undoubtedly, it is felt that money just provides life without financial issues and nothing beyond these sorts of problems let alone generating happiness.

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