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Persevere 1100 Words You Need Week 15 Day 3

Persevere 1100 Words You Need

Persevere 1100 Words You Need

/ˌpɜː.sɪˈvɪəʳ/ (verb)

to persist in doing something in spite of all the difficulties, keep on, carry on, keep at, keep it up, continue, insist, endure, proceed:

They knew that Daniel was a godly man who persevered in prayer and that he was courageous enough to break the new law, he would never give up praying to his God for 30 days!

Source: http://www.nnedaog.org/

Courage is a phenomenon that has persevered through the millenniums. Historic literature, cave art, and ancient relics are proof of the timeless reverence for courage. Nonetheless, regardless of the continuous examples of courageous acts, researchers still remark on the elements that shape “courage.” How does the general public describe it? What compels people to do courageous acts?

Source: https://www.boostcounseling.com/

Brian McAuliffe was diagnosed at birth with Down Syndrome which caused partial hearing loss. Throughout his time at Cranford High School, Brian has persevered. He was part of the Cranford Cougars swim team. He participated in the Special Olympics in multiple sports. In earlier years, Brian succeeded in internship programs with Model’s Sporting Goods, the Summit Medical Group’s Classic Café, and Panera Bread. He maintains a busy schedule. When he is not working one day per week at Vinny’s Pizza in downtown Cranford, Brian takes to the stage as a regular dancer and singer in the Shining Stars Network’s annual variety show.

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Antonyms: give up, quit

Noun: perseverance

Adjective: persevering

Adverb: perseveringly

Farsi: استقامت کردن

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