Willpower – IELTS Speaking Practice


Determination – IELTS Speaking Practice


  • How much do you the influence of ? (Hariri)
  • How much has willpower helped you in your life? (Hariri)
  • How can you increase your resolution in life?
  • Do you think self-discipline is contagious? In other words, can you learn it from other people around you?
  • What is prerequisite for self-discipline in life?
  • What is the impact of self-discipline on your success and happiness in life?
  • Do you know any person who is really for having a high level of willpower? (Hariri)
  • Willpower
  • Suppose that you don’t have enough willpower. Do you know any specific technique that can help you to improve your willpower? (Hariri)
  • Do you mean stress is always negative? (Hariri)
  • Is willpower something that can be learned? (Taraneh)
  • Does sleep have any influence on your willpower? (Taraneh)
  • How much information do you have about the of the brain? (Hariri)
  • Do you know the difference between who and ? (Hariri)
  • You can study this motivational best-selling book, Eat That Frog, by Brian Tracy in order to augment the level of your willpower and self-discipline in life.

Listening Comprehension:

Listen to this audio file and try to answer the following questions:

File Name: How to Think Like
Lecturer: Michael Gelb
1. Who is the author of this product?
2. What is the necessity of setting role models in your life?
3. What is the behind choose Leonardo da Vinci as the title of this audio file?
4. Does our knowledge about our brain last for such a long time? Explain more.
5. What are the two major myths about IQ?
6. Can you raise your IQ level or is it fixed?
7. Who proposed ?
8. What are the ingredients of Multiple Intelligences? Name them.

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