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English Documentary on Plesiosaurs with Transcript & Video

English documentary on plesiosaurs with transcript and video to practice both reading and listening comprehension at the same time in real context and improve your academic vocabulary in real context with images. Source of documentary: National Geographic YouTube Channel Listening comprehension Watch this video on YouTube Reading comprehension About plesiosaurs Sea monsters are considered to be

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4 comments on “English Documentary on Plesiosaurs with Transcript & Video”

    • They are indeed interesting and marvelous. And about your question, I should inform you that plesiosaurs are extinct. In other words, they have not survived.

    • That’s a pretty good question or, let’s say, hypothesis. I said hypothesis because I believe plesiosaurs or other colossal dinosaurs could not co-exist with humans. This is because they had physical strength, while we own mental or cerebral superiority.

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