English Question on Paid Work for Discussion

English Question on Paid Work

English Question on Paid Work

Would you accept a much less enjoyable job paying twice what you make now? If you received the same pay regardless of your job, what kind of work would you do? If you were financially independent, Would you continue to work? If not, what would you do?

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Understand the link between work approach and job satisfaction

If you’ve gone sour on your job, think about what motivates and inspires you — and how you approach your work. For example:

It’s a job. If you approach work as a job, you focus primarily on the financial rewards. The nature of the work might hold little interest for you. If a job with more pay comes your way, you’ll likely move on.

It’s a career. If you approach work as a career, you’re likely interested in advancement. Your current job might be a steppingstone to your ultimate goal. What’s important is to be regarded as a success in your field.

It’s a calling. If you approach your job as a calling, you focus on the work itself. You’re less interested in financial gain or career advancement, preferring instead to find a sense of fulfillment from the work itself.

Source: https://www.mayoclinic.org/

Engineers have the happiest job in the world, closely followed by teachers and nurses, according to analysis carried out by the Guardian.

We looked at nine different surveys conducted to find the occupations that make us happiest, and then did our own survey of these surveys, looking for the professions that appeared most often in the top 10 of each study.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/

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