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Various Resilience Levels in Different People – Forum

Last updated on January 1, 2023 by with 8 Views and Reading Time: 2 minutes

I totally agree with you on various resilience levels in different people. You cannot expect all people to have the same personality traits and react to a single situation similarly. I can back up my argument with another maxim that reads “different strokes for different folks“. In addition, I’d like to say that sometimes we don’t really need to tolerate a critical situation. Instead, we could innovatively find out novel ways to bypass the issue without tolerating any difficulty. My point is that we should not act like bigots or narrow-minded people. I mean we’re supposed to work smarter not harder.

For this reason, it’s not surprising to note that some lazy but smart people can sometimes think of and devise extremely operational methods for dealing with critical situations.


  • at the first glance = at first glance
  • I am agreed with = I agree with
  • You forgot to finish your last sentence with a dot.

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