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Submitted Article on Power Plants By Salahuddin Kaoser

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      The manuscript of the published article on power plants by Salahuddin Kaoser

      Electricity is a heart for a nation as it drives the whole nation. A plethora of equipments are driven by electricity such metro rail, vehicle, industry, irrigation, home appliants so on. Therefore, it’s need to generate more, power plant like a place where we can produce electricity. For instance, we can produced it by inherent fuels like coal, gas, oil but the other form of generations are emerged that by using natural resources likewise heavy wind, water flow, sun light many more. Power plants most of the case are located in remote area speacially for transportation and safety. To run up those plants, there have need huge number of fuels which might be possible by mother vessel otherwise it’s production cost would be growing. It is challenging to set up it in density area for example, nuclear plant much terrible for humans and animals.

      But, the concerning issues are rising as our global fuels are become running out. After that, we don’t know how can overcome that. A lots of researchers are working on it, probably they would bring another new things for us.

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      Dear Mr. Salahuddin Kaoser,

      Thank you so much for submitting your manuscript to us for publication. Your manuscript was edited and published with the following title:

      Why We Need Power Plants to Generate Electricity

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