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Get Down off a High Horse 1100 Words You Need

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Get down off a high horse

Get down off a high horse

to act like an ordinary person, to stop being arrogant or haughty, to stop disregarding people around you, act modestly or humbly, stop belittling others, stop being condescending, eat humble pie

When we now say that people are on their high horse we are implying a criticism of their haughtiness. The first riders of high horses didn’t see it that way; they were very ready to assume a proud and commanding position, indeed that was the very reason they had mounted the said horse in the first place. The first references to high horses were literal ones; ‘high’ horses were large or, as they were often known in medieval England, ‘great’ horses.

At that time, Medieval soldiers and political leaders bolstered their claims to supremacy by appearing in public in the full regalia of power and mounted on large and expensive horses and, in sculptural form at least, presented themselves as larger than life. The combination of the imagery of being high off the ground when mounted on a great war charger, looking down one’s nose at the common herd, and also being a holder of high office made it intuitive for the term ‘on one’s high horse’ to come to mean ‘superior and untouchable’.

Source: https://www.phrases.org.uk/

Antonym: snub, humiliate, take down, look down on, disdain

Farsi: غرور خود را شکاندن و طبیعی رفتار کردن

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