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Infinitesimal in Visual Dictionary in Real Context with Synonyms

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Definition of Infinitesimal in visual dictionary and thesaurus and in authentic context and examples with illustrations for GRE candidates and advanced learners of English

/ˌɪn.fɪ.nɪˈtes.ɪ.məl/ (adj)


extremely small and inconsiderable, bagatelle, minuscule, imperceptible, nominal, microscopic, minute, puny, tiny, negligible, teeny, indiscernible, diminutive


What is the volume of a cylinder with infinite length and infinitesimal radius?

Say the particle is in a cylinder of infinite length and infinitesimal radius. Then the momentum and energy will be quantized along the radius due to confinement i.e. it feels an infinite potential in this direction and would be similar to the particle in a box solutions along the radial directions. However since it doesn’t feel any potential in the longitudinal direction, the momentum along length will be continuous or like a free particle. So basically you have quantization of momentum and energy along different directions.

Source of example: https://www.quora.com/


voluminous, huge, mammoth

Parts of speech

Adverb: infinitesimally

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