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Voluminous 1100 Words You Need Week 27 Day 3

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Voluminous 1100 Words You Need

Voluminous 1100 Words You Need Week 27 Day 3

/vəˈluː.mɪ.nəs/ (adj)

massive and huge, spacious, very large, big, roomy, capacious, ample, baggy, long and detailed, lengthy, colossal, commodious

One reason Kim was able to provide so much detail and depth from his voluminous memory was that he could speed-read anything put in front of him. Peek could open a book and read each of the two facing pages at the same time – the left eye reading the left page, the right eye reading the right one, effectively absorbing both pages at once.

Even thick books were filtered into his brain in under an hour using this technique. He became known for going through the better part of the entire catalog of books in the Salt Lake City Library reading everything he could get his hands on.

Source: https://www.appliedbehavioranalysisedu.org/

Antonyms: small, puny, tiny, nominal, infinitesimal, paltry

Noun: volume, voluminousness

Adverb: voluminously

Farsi: حجيم ، بزرگ ، جسيم ، متراکم ، انبوه ، مفصل

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