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Cyclopean 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam

Cyclopean 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam in real context with images and illustrations for advanced ESL learners and Scholastic Aptitude Test candidates. The images in this vocabulary item can help you remember the word for a longer period of time

/ˌsʌɪkləˈpiːən/ (adj)


extremely huge and gigantic, titanic, massive, colossal, antaean, elephantine, bulky, herculean, gargantuan, monstrous, mammoth

(mythology) like Cyclops


Equestrian Statue of Friedrich Wilhelm III

This cyclopean statue stands very tall and proud at the edge of the Heumarkt and is the only thing to see in this square apart form shops, bars, and restaurants.

While on our walking tour of Cologne with our Vantage River Cruise, our guide took us past this statue of the King of Prussia (1770-1840) located in Heumarkt Square. It’s a wonderful looking monument.

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Parts of speech

Noun: Cyclops

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