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Definition of Titanic in Visual Dictionary with Synonyms & Antonyms

Definition of Titanic in visual dictionary and thesaurus in real context with authentic examples, synonyms and antonyms to practice reading comprehension and improve your academic vocabulary


extremely large, strong and powerful, massive, bulky, huge, colossal, enormous, mammoth, gigantic, herculean, gargantuan, monstrous, prodigious, immense, mighty


Who says you can’t hike or ski, and enjoy big-city amenities and culture, too? In some cities, the mountains, even titanic mountains, are only a short ride away, and Nagano is a prime example. It hunkers at the base of the Japanese Alps at the centre of abundant ski fields such as Hakuba, served by more than 150 lifts, and yet has plenty of heritage, temples, hot-spring resorts and many excellent restaurants.

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insignificant, puny, picayune

Parts of speech

Noun: titan

Adverb: titanically

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