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English Essay 37: Space Exploration

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  • Topic: Scientists are theorizing about the possibility of living on other planets, e.g. Mars. Do you think we will be able to choose other planets as our abode when the earth is no longer inhabitable?
  • An English Essay
  • Essay Number: 37
  • IELTS Writing – Task 2
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Technology has brought numerous benefits to salient industries such as space exploration and aviation. Nowadays, it is imperative that the explorers should visit other plants for many purposes NASA has pursued. It is believed that researchers will discover an appropriate planet and try to provide some crucial and basic amenities for lives of human beings, but this fact should be taken into account owing to the scarcity of energy resources and living places.
To begin with, energy resources are not enough for the next centuries or less. Although nearly all researchers generate many newly modern types of energy, these kinds of renewable energy resources are terribly inadequate for an over-populated place like the Earth. Moreover, global warming and other environmentally threatening issues bring about an enormous amount of problems, which act as contributing factors in order to disturb the balance of all sorts of ecosystem. Thus, the issues push human beings to scrutinise other planets for living.
Additionally, increasing the population on the face of the Earth is another problem that should be considered to search for new places on other planets. Take some artificial islands amongst seas and oceans as an example for solving the problems of lack of inhabitants. Hence, academicians are seeking for a new planet instead of the Earth as a suitable alternative to live.
To conclude, lack of energy resources and living places is one of the most important problems, which the researchers try to overcome the problems in this case. It is predicted that they will have discovered the appropriate planet for our abode by the end of this century, as they carried out the project of walking on the Mars that was daydreamed one day.

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