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Deface GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Deface GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/dɪˈfeɪs/ (verb)


to spoil or damage the appearance of something, maim, impair, mutilate, deform, mar, blight, vandalize, ruin, disfigure, sully, injure


In response to the recent defacement of monuments in the U.S., President Donald Trump issued an executive order in June stating that his administration “will not allow violent mobs . . . to become the arbiters of the aspects of history that can be celebrated in public spaces.” He added that the protesters’ “selection of targets reveals a deep ignorance of history.”

Scholars have proposed several theories to explain the defacement of Olmec colossal heads. It may be that these monuments were ritually killed to neutralize the powers of rulers after their deaths. Or it may be that incoming rulers defaced the heads of their predecessors to help justify their newfound authority.



renovate, restore, repair

Parts of speech

Noun: defacer

Noun: defacement

Adjective: defaceable

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